The photograph is the work of G.W. Wilson photographer and slide manufacturer 1823-1893. North Bay Flamborough Head , Fishing was first recorded in the 13th century, when about nine boats fished the seas off the Head. By the 1890s, some eighty 'cobles' were registered. George Washington Wilson (7 February 1823 – 9 March 1893) [1] was a pioneering Scottish photographer. From about 1870 onwards Wilson relied increasingly on others to add to his stock.[6] Thus all of the Mediterranean views and many of the English and Scottish series are the work of staff photographers, or were commissioned by the company from photographic firms elsewhere in the UK; and the Australian and South African images were added to the firm's stock in the 1890s by Charles Wilson (GWW's son) and staff photographers such as Fred Hardie.[7]

- (John Short Design Pics) F1online
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