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With a bit of sadness, we look back to the time when the image search was a pure visual pleasure. Today and in the existing amounts of images, you really need tools and talents that are not necessarily visually and have nothing to do with the art of photography. The most important helpers in the image research is the language. With a feeling for language and the instinct for the right keywords, you can isolate the desired picture perfectly and find it ultimately . And exact this goal unites us.

From our international image-providing partner agencies and our own photographers who submitted photos are pre-tagged in many different ways, in various languages ??and different opinions. Sometimes terms are ambiguous or even wrong, sometimes automated translations produce some funny, some very elusive stylistic howler. Turkey is a brilliant example. It could be the Country, the animal or a health condition. Or what is meant with trunk? A lot to do for our keyworder.

F1online, one of the first fully digital picture agencies in Germany, has been involved in the early days with this essential, now the science matured, topic. Behind our website is a highly complex individually programmed backend and a stunning database with more than 7 million images and a multiple of related keywords in two languages??, English and German. Not visible for our customers, in the shadow of the digital images jungle are growing tag trees. Prioritization rules and algorithms manage sortation before, refer and give out results.

In communication with you our search engine will be clearer and more efficient. Regardless of what you are looking for, we take great care that you will find it. Give us feedback on the result of your images search. We have devised a simple principle with comment function and implemented it in our website. This innovation will help to optimize our system for you.



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