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Our mission is to present you with the photos and illustrations of the best producers and photographers and to make the licensing process as easy as possible, but safe and fitting.

You decide which style and which visual language you like best. Whether trendy style or natural look. Whether landscape, food or business. As a picture agency from Germany with an international network of producers and sales partners, we have a wide range of picture languages and you are sure to find the right picture. Our focus is on a modern, European picture style, but through our international network of picture agencies, we offer you the best pictures from all over the world.
You are not only looking for a picture agency but also for a partner who supports you in your daily work? to help you with picture selection and research? Your artbuying is currently overloaded? No problem, we find the right pictures for you. Your briefing via e-mail or telephone - we search for you quickly and competently, not only within our content, we can fall back on a large network.

Whatever you want to illustrate, be it a brochure or website for small and medium-sized businesses on site, be it a large cross-media campaign - talk to us, we will be happy to help you.

A day at the sea

This year, many people will not be able to spend their summer holidays by the sea. Until the next rush of the waves we reminisce about the last day at the sea.

A day at the lake

Pedal boat riding, picnic on the shore, bathing fun in the cold water. A trip to the lake is always worthwhile in summer and offers many possibilities.


For millennia, people have kept chickens in close proximity, half pet, half livestock. By keeping chickens in the garden, you can expect nice eggs every two to three days.


Eggs, lovely eggs! Especially popular at Easter! Whether colorful chocolate eggs, a filling omelette for lunch, boiled eggs for breakfast or just blowing and painting them with your kids. At Easter there are eggs all around us!

We support you in your image search with edition and selection of images by our art directors and image editors. We also provide useful tools on the website that make picture research easier for you, e.g. search for optical similarity, for colours, picture series or the search for individual models.

Our image licenses for print, web, social media, out-of-home and content pools are clear and transparent, and consulting in advance is a matter of course for us as a picture agency.
Most importantly, you will always find a competent contact person - directly, without long waiting times. This applies to advertising agencies and editorial offices as well as to freelance art buyers or picture editors, for communication and marketing in companies or content managers.

Questions about licensing rights are our daily business. Choosing the right image license for the respective purpose in advance saves you trouble, effort and unplanned costs for attorney or post-license. We are member of the BVPA, the Federal Association of Professional Image Providers. Should you have any questions on this topic, we will be happy to advise you without obligation.