elderly care

Get help if necessary, but remain independent as long as possible.

It is a useful topic not only for those affected, but also for their relatives. When is there no alternative to care and how is it compatible with your own ideas about life?


Drawing strength and satisfaction from yourself and not putting it in the hands of others. Sounds good, but how?

Treat yourself with care and indulgence, try to resist the urge to compare and improve, and be content with all that you are.


The heart is burdened, the soul tired, and feelings of happiness sometimes have a hard time. The reasons are sometimes concrete, sometimes diffuse.

Calmness soothes, helps to sort and to straighten you up. And at some point you prefer company to isolation again.

Summer Food

The heat is bearing down and you're in the mood for light summer fare.

Fresh salads, grilled vegetables, colorful bowls or cold soups as refreshing snacks for hot days.

DOC-STOCK: stock photography focused on health, medical images, science and well being

doc-stock stands for specialized photography from the health sector for over 10 years. The medical stock agency covers topics around medicine, preventive care, health and wellness and offers for this purpose images from the license models Royalty Free and Rights Managed and is thus the contact for medical illustrations and medical photography, scientific illustrations and scientific photography. Dedicated and highly specialized photographers and illustrators show images that one finds in the general stock less or only with difficulty.

Medical research and pharmacological research are distributed by the picture agency as well as pictures of therapy or everyday hospital life , doctor's office and pharmacy. Photographs through the scanning electron microscope of everyday things like table salt to the aggressive pathogen are supplied by well-known and highly specialized photographers.

Current, also sensitive topics are photographed or illustrated appealingly and expressively. The gentle alternative applications such as homoeopathy can be found in the photo stock of the medical picture agency just as classical European medicine or healing methods in the traditional Chinese way. Globoli, intensive care unit, Reha measure, Akkupunktur are just as topic of the health picture agency as Yoga, Tai Chi or other concentration and relaxation techniques, Ayurveda and massages. Health care is likewise one of the large topics, which can be illustrated with doc-stock over the existence of the medical picture agency modern and responding - in both picture license models Royalty Free and Rights Managed. Healthy nutrition, movement, Wellness - everything which belongs to modern life and which constitutes health prophylaxis, doc-stock supplies also here suitable search results - evenly also a genuine Wellness picture agency. The specialization in the medical and health sector makes doc-stock an efficient image source for special image topics, which otherwise have to be filtered laboriously from the general image stock.
Medical illustration, scientific photography or Lifestyle pictures, Food, Stillife on the contentwise point medicine and health brought, facilitates Artbuyern with the emphasis Healthcare and picture editors from service, health and science editorships the work. doc stock sees it as its task as health and Wellness picture agency to address these topics up-to-date and high-quality and to extend and update the Portfolio in this sense in co-operation with its exclusive photographers and international partners constantly with aesthetic medical and scientific photos and illustrations.

Our customer support team is competent and experienced, and we are happy to provide expert help with questions about usage rights and image data. As a genuine stock agency for wellness, health and medicine, doc-stock relies on edited royalty-free and rights-managed images and good advice - this is also a real added value for the user in today's arbitrary image world.

You are not only looking for a picture agency, but a partner who supports you in your daily work? Supports you with image selection and research? Your artbuying is overloaded right now? No problem, we will find the right images for you. Your briefing via e-mail or telephone - we search for you quickly and competently, not only within our content, we can fall back on a large network.