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With our editions, we would like to give you access to our visual universe in an inspiring, easy, and also entertaining way week after week. We compile images on the latest topics, popular travel destinations, or upcoming trends and fashions into compact image selections for you.

Our image worlds are also a shop window for our current new additions. Our thanks go to all the passionate photographers and illustrators who constantly supply us with new, modern, and unused images. We would also like to thank our customers, who value our work and whose high standards drive us forward. We wish you plenty of enjoyment and inspiration!

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The bow is actually a knot - yet it also fulfills decorative purposes. Especially at Christmas time decorative bows come in all different sizes and variations.


A little lipstick, a little rouge, some eye shadow. A little bit of everything and immediately you look and feel fresher. Preferably every day and best of all from a stylist, right?


Do it yourself is still very trendy! Why buy everything ready-made, if making, building and decorating things yourself can be so wonderfully relaxing and soothing?


With autumn on its way, the festival season is drawing to a close. Dancing with friends as the sun rises, heavy beats night and day, going camping to escape the routine of everyday life. Can’t wait for next year’s festival season!


The apple is Germany’s most favorite fruit. The harvest season for Boskoop, Elstar and Co is in full swing between August and November. On some farms you can sign up for apple seminars, sponsor an apple tree or go and pick your own apples.


Many important minerals and vitamins contain the small health miracles. Whether in the cake, in the jam, in the ice or just as a fruit. The plum is versatile and in autumn a delicious fruit companion.

Brand New Homes

Modern living quarters and spick and span family homes - contemporary materials ensure efficiency and sustainability. There is no end in sight to the construction boom, especially in big cities. Whether this housing is affordable is another question.

The Charm Of Old Buildings

What story is behind this apartment? How many generations have lived, loved, cried and laughed here before me? Old style apartments have loads of charm. Their high ceilings, old tiles, long hallways and ornate staircases, make you feel instantly at home. A little bit like stepping back into a golden age.

Sunshine Yellow

Yellow stands for liveliness, dynamism and energy. Well-known companies who make use of this in their brand identities include IKEA, Nikon and Schweppes.


Blue stands for peace of mind and loyalty, for freshness and purity. This color is often used for insurance companies and banks or for cosmetic and medical products. Some examples are Nivea and the Alliance.

The holidays are over!

Enjoy one last seaside sunset before you pack your bags and head off home. Taking great experiences and lovely memories with you. See you next year!

First day at school

It is the time of the year again! First year students bustle in the schoolyards and the classrooms are filled with life again. Ready for an exciting new school year!


Every day our senses are overwhelmed by the western world. A dense accumulations of things and people. The world we see around us is crammed with consumer goods. We are faced with a daily challenge to focus on what is essential!


What do we really need? What things are meaningful to us and make our lives easier? Minimalism can help to fundamentally change life. Sort out your stuff for more clarity. Maybe this will give you a whole new perspective!

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