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With our editions, we would like to give you access to our visual universe in an inspiring, easy, and also entertaining way week after week. We compile images on the latest topics, popular travel destinations, or upcoming trends and fashions into compact image selections for you.

Our image worlds are also a shop window for our current new additions. Our thanks go to all the passionate photographers and illustrators who constantly supply us with new, modern, and unused images. We would also like to thank our customers, who value our work and whose high standards drive us forward. We wish you plenty of enjoyment and inspiration!

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A day at the sea

This year, many people will not be able to spend their summer holidays by the sea. Until the next rush of the waves we reminisce about the last day at the sea.

A day at the lake

Pedal boat riding, picnic on the shore, bathing fun in the cold water. A trip to the lake is always worthwhile in summer and offers many possibilities.


For millennia, people have kept chickens in close proximity, half pet, half livestock. By keeping chickens in the garden, you can expect nice eggs every two to three days.


Eggs, lovely eggs! Especially popular at Easter! Whether colorful chocolate eggs, a filling omelette for lunch, boiled eggs for breakfast or just blowing and painting them with your kids. At Easter there are eggs all around us!


In addition to conventional medicine, people are turning to alternative medicine more and more. From acupuncture, massages right up to mycotherapy, there are now many alternative treatments that are officially recognized and readily available to all patients.


Whether classic Italian tablecloths, cozy flannel shirts or comfy cushions by Vichy. This unmistakable criss-cross is not just reserved for the Scots tartan!


These days almost everybody has a stripy garment to call their own. Whether vertical or horizontal, wide or narrow, multi-colored or two-toned, stripy clothes cheer us up wherever they go!

Cream Topping

Homemade fruit and cream cakes and a cozy atmosphere. A pot of coffee, or a pot of tea? Tea time after work or at the weekend is always a delicious treat, right?


Green, crisp and full of vitamins - leafy lettuce is in season all year round. And they taste best straight from the garden or at least from an organic farm. no cooking needed! Bon appetite!


The bow is actually a knot - yet it also fulfills decorative purposes. Especially at Christmas time decorative bows come in all different sizes and variations.


A little lipstick, a little rouge, some eye shadow. A little bit of everything and immediately you look and feel fresher. Preferably every day and best of all from a stylist, right?


Do it yourself is still very trendy! Why buy everything ready-made, if making, building and decorating things yourself can be so wonderfully relaxing and soothing?


With autumn on its way, the festival season is drawing to a close. Dancing with friends as the sun rises, heavy beats night and day, going camping to escape the routine of everyday life. Can’t wait for next year’s festival season!

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