Winter Color

Samba, Mandarin Red, Strong Blue or Celery are not songs or fruits. It is the worlds of bright color that make us dance fashionably through the upcoming winter days.

Sunshine Yellow

Yellow stands for liveliness, dynamism and energy. Well-known companies who make use of this in their brand identities include IKEA, Nikon and Schweppes.


Pastel red is an easy color to combine with others to produce a light-hearted, relaxed and warm effect. A great eye-catcher in in home furnishings and adds a cheerful touch to fashion!


Mint is made up of green and white and accompanies us in a relaxed and joyful way to spring. A hint of blue gives mint a pinch of sea and makes us feel harmony and freshness.

Pitch black

Black - by definition is devoid of all colour. Black can appear threatening, unfathomable and evoke sorrow. At the same time black stands for professional elegance and timeless beauty. So, there is always a bright site to the colour black.

Pure white

OK we admit it, we have added a few creamy shades to our selection. By definition white is all colours blended together, the combination of all visible wavelengths of light. White has no negative associations, conveys innocence, lightness of being and last but not least purity. So keep it clean!

Pretty in Pink

Pink is not just a colour for little girls as our western cultural norms and society often tells us - in Asia pink can stand for masculinity. Take a dive into our gallery and savour the many shades of pink around us.

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