elderly care

Get help if necessary, but remain independent as long as possible.

It is a useful topic not only for those affected, but also for their relatives. When is there no alternative to care and how is it compatible with your own ideas about life?


With enough adrenaline, courage doesn't feel like a risk. Not even when it is accompanied by unreasonableness and there is little to back it up.

Courage means overcoming yourself, correctly assessing the risk and recognizing it as a challenge. Be courageous!


With your help, I am less likely to lose heart, to face challenges big and small, and to rise above myself.

There are things that are better done together. Whether in everyday life or in acute situations. Support is once again the topic of our time.

Hold Me

Give me safety and protection. Let's pause for a moment and calm down.

Whether I am restless or downcast, in Your arms I feel carefree. Can grasp clear thoughts and new courage.


There are those days full of paralysing boredom. Not an ounce of verve and even less desire to change anything.

So what do you do when the minutes and hours drag on endlessly? You have a choice - endure and wait or change something.

Me & my animal

They are allies in every situation, real family members and loyal companions. Whether loners or in a group, they bring structure to everyday life and give us support.

From extravagantly dazzling to stubborn and prickly or hyperactive. They often resemble us more than we think!


Closeness requires trust and takes away your protective shield. You have to find the strength to allow it. It will not always end well, but when it does, it will overwhelm you.


Inattention creeps in. Your priorities have shifted and the distance between the two of you grows a little more with each passing day.

Routine has taken over and you may have noticed it too late.