Dance with me

Whether tight dance or solo performance - dancing is passion and increases joie de vivre.

Our cortisol levels drop, stress evaporates and a cocktail of happy hormones is released. The best recipe for the onset of autumn blues!

Summer Feelings

Bare feet in the sand, outdoor cinema with popcorn, colourful meadow flowers or evenings with your friends under the stars.

Sometimes it doesn't take much for the perfect summer feeling.


Beautiful memories come to life when the scent of baked cookies drifts through the house or in the oven the crust of the roast gets crispier by the minute. Christmas is a time to feast and enjoy. If not at the end of the year, when?


These small brown beans - whether as filter coffee, espresso or with milk - every coffee aficionado can find his or her perfect cup of coffee. A coffee house provides the ideal ambience to enjoy any variation of this popular drink. Step into a peaceful and cosy atmosphere and take time out from the hustle and bustle of modern live.


A nice cold beer - with or without alcohol - for lunch, after work or best enjoyed with some of your friends at your local pub. It’s not by chance that this refreshing, isotonic, sparkling, cold brew has such a long tradition. What else do we need to say: Cheers!

Savoir Vivre

The gift to enjoy and understand life is the key. They say the French do this best. buying juicy fresh tomatoes, baguettes and delicious cheeses at local markets - isn’t this the way to kick back and enjoy “savoir vivre“?