Warm candlelight illuminates the room, a fire crackles in the fireplace and it smells of fir and gingerbread.

A few cuddly cushions and blankets create the perfect, cozy atmosphere for the Christmas season.

Christmas feast

Whether traditional potato salad with sausages, red cabbage and chestnut quiche, carp or the classic roast goose.

In the end, the only thing that matters for an enjoyable evening is the company in which you spend it!


Time with you was always very special. We learned to ride a bike, went fishing for the first time, picked apples and baked cakes from them.

Boredom did not arise and every evening new adventures were planned.

Say Yes

Planned from long hand and in detail or spontaneous and minimalistic for the impatient. Anticipation and tension are in the air.

With this day you create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Just say YES!

Laid Table

The table can never be long enough. You enjoy having family and friends around you.

From dishes to glasses to candles and floral arrangements, you coordinate everything. When everyone is relaxed and engrossed, you sit back with a good feeling.

search and find

We spend an average of 2 years of our lives searching for misplaced things.

This does not include the eternal search for happiness, fulfillment or love. A story of searching and finding that life writes.


With your help, I am less likely to lose heart, to face challenges big and small, and to rise above myself.

There are things that are better done together. Whether in everyday life or in acute situations. Support is once again the topic of our time.

Hold Me

Give me safety and protection. Let's pause for a moment and calm down.

Whether I am restless or downcast, in Your arms I feel carefree. Can grasp clear thoughts and new courage.

Give a gift

Not last minute, but from the heart - well thought out and selected. It doesn't have to be imposing or expensive.

If giving a gift is at least as exciting as unwrapping it, then you've almost certainly made the right choice!

Christmas Baking

The scent of marzipan and vanilla is in the air. Cinnamon, cardamom and cloves are among the most important ingredients.

The recipe for the Christmas touch in spiced biscuits and gingerbread. Topped with hot chocolate or punch and inevitably a feeling of coziness sets in.

Christmas Decoration

When it gets uncomfortable outside, it needs a warming atmosphere inside. Lights, wreaths and Christmas trees take center stage.

Whether Scandinavian close to nature, in classic shapes and colors or pompous and overloaded. Christmas is only once a year!

Care Work

Reconciling family and work is still not a matter of course. Manifest roles lead to a one-sided burden and a disparity in responsibilities.

A partnership is only equal when it allows both to work and to share mental load and care work.


About 40 weeks that demand a lot from your body. A mixture of heartburn, pregnancy glow and swollen legs.

You may develop a pronounced nest-building instinct or small panic attacks about what's to come. Let the family adventure begin!


The food supplies are filled, the phone is silent and you are eagerly awaited and so very welcome.

A gentle getting to know each other between feelings of happiness and exhaustion. Reorganising everyday life, finding peace and growing together.

Happiness is all around us

A friendly smile, a kind gesture or just a few nice words - positive interaction sets free hormones that make you happy. Experiencing the world with all your senses - in water, out in the fields or together with Benny the neighbour’s four-legged friends. Just let it happen!

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