With enough adrenaline, courage doesn't feel like a risk. Not even when it is accompanied by unreasonableness and there is little to back it up.

Courage means overcoming yourself, correctly assessing the risk and recognizing it as a challenge. Be courageous!


The heart is burdened, the soul tired, and feelings of happiness sometimes have a hard time. The reasons are sometimes concrete, sometimes diffuse.

Calmness soothes, helps to sort and to straighten you up. And at some point you prefer company to isolation again.


It is said to have positive effects on health - not without reason there are laughter therapies and clinic clowns.

It is good for the soul, makes you feel light and, by the way, it conjures up the most beautiful wrinkles of all.

Face Gym

Facial expressionist, mouth corner speaker, laugh liner, forehad wrinkle rocker. To be able to say anything without talking, meet for 10 minutes of exercise a day to practice your facial muscles on the side.