Laid Table

The table can never be long enough. You enjoy having family and friends around you.

From dishes to glasses to candles and floral arrangements, you coordinate everything. When everyone is relaxed and engrossed, you sit back with a good feeling.


Do your body a favour through your diet. Ensure a balanced distribution of nutrients and let yourself be surprised how much variety it brings you.

Choose fresh and high-quality ingredients, don't go without, but make more conscious choices.

Autumn Food

Inevitably, the golden season arrives. Hurray for the rich selection of seasonal ingredients it brings.

Whether sweet or savoury, refined or classic. How about a pumpkin and apple chutney, a pear tart with walnuts or chanterelle risotto?!


Green, crisp and full of vitamins - leafy lettuce is in season all year round. And they taste best straight from the garden or at least from an organic farm. no cooking needed! Bon appetite!


Many important minerals and vitamins contain the small health miracles. Whether in the cake, in the jam, in the ice or just as a fruit. The plum is versatile and in autumn a delicious fruit companion.


Beautiful memories come to life when the scent of baked cookies drifts through the house or in the oven the crust of the roast gets crispier by the minute. Christmas is a time to feast and enjoy. If not at the end of the year, when?


Hunting and gathering has been a part of life for humans and creatures of the wild since time immemorial. In civilized societies we hunt down our quarry in the supermarket aisle. With organic food and urban gardening now the height of fashion, happy foraging!


For many of us the Christmas season is hard to imagine without overflowing meat consumption. An exciting and healthy alternative, not only for veggies, is tofu.

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