Get Out

A new year and everything is unrestricted again. Restaurants, clubs and bars fill up, theatres and museums await their visitors without restrictions.

Some are still sceptical about the changes, for others it brings back long-lost normality.

Laid Table

The table can never be long enough. You enjoy having family and friends around you.

From dishes to glasses to candles and floral arrangements, you coordinate everything. When everyone is relaxed and engrossed, you sit back with a good feeling.

hide and seek

Go underground and disappear unnoticed for a while. Merging with the surroundings, not making oneself known.

The excitement of being discovered is accompanied by thieving joy at the obviously brilliant hiding place. A thrill for which one is never too old.

Hold Me

Give me safety and protection. Let's pause for a moment and calm down.

Whether I am restless or downcast, in Your arms I feel carefree. Can grasp clear thoughts and new courage.

disguise yourself

As kids, we had boxes full of costumes and props. Waking up as a princess, having picnics with aliens and unicorns, and only taking off the superhero outfit to go to sleep.

Today, this happens much less often, but what's actually wrong with it?

Give a gift

Not last minute, but from the heart - well thought out and selected. It doesn't have to be imposing or expensive.

If giving a gift is at least as exciting as unwrapping it, then you've almost certainly made the right choice!

celebrate a party

The guest list is clear. A small circle surrounds you and you realise that it doesn't need much more.

With understanding and attention we ring in the turn of the year and look forward with confidence to the new year 2022!

Summer Feelings

Bare feet in the sand, outdoor cinema with popcorn, colourful meadow flowers or evenings with your friends under the stars.

Sometimes it doesn't take much for the perfect summer feeling.

Happiness is all around us

A friendly smile, a kind gesture or just a few nice words - positive interaction sets free hormones that make you happy. Experiencing the world with all your senses - in water, out in the fields or together with Benny the neighbour’s four-legged friends. Just let it happen!

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