Trash Xmas

How about a Christmas away from classic customs and traditions this year?

Perhaps a little less contemplative, but all the more flashy and extravagant.

Get Out

A new year and everything is unrestricted again. Restaurants, clubs and bars fill up, theatres and museums await their visitors without restrictions.

Some are still sceptical about the changes, for others it brings back long-lost normality.

search and find

We spend an average of 2 years of our lives searching for misplaced things.

This does not include the eternal search for happiness, fulfillment or love. A story of searching and finding that life writes.

hide and seek

Go underground and disappear unnoticed for a while. Merging with the surroundings, not making oneself known.

The excitement of being discovered is accompanied by thieving joy at the obviously brilliant hiding place. A thrill for which one is never too old.

disguise yourself

As kids, we had boxes full of costumes and props. Waking up as a princess, having picnics with aliens and unicorns, and only taking off the superhero outfit to go to sleep.

Today, this happens much less often, but what's actually wrong with it?


It is said to have positive effects on health - not without reason there are laughter therapies and clinic clowns.

It is good for the soul, makes you feel light and, by the way, it conjures up the most beautiful wrinkles of all.


Are you one of those people who forget what winter feels like every year? Who bubble over with happiness when the first snow falls and get goosebumps when it crunches under their shoes?

Let me tell you - it's starting again, enjoy it to the fullest!


A nice cold beer - with or without alcohol - for lunch, after work or best enjoyed with some of your friends at your local pub. It’s not by chance that this refreshing, isotonic, sparkling, cold brew has such a long tradition. What else do we need to say: Cheers!

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