The Danish art of mindfulness has been around for a while now. Numerous books and magazines are doing their very best to show us to be happy. Here we dedicate this gallery to this lifestyle meme.


We do not even want to try to translate HYGGE - because so many has already tried. Just get yourself into a hygge mood with our inspirational gallery.


The beginning of each year is a new start for all of us. We have lots of good intentions and want to change. We want to do more sports, we want to eat healthier, we want to become a better person. Wait a minute - don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Actually we are fine just the way we are!


Giving time to friends and family is a trend that is becoming more and more popular. The Danish philosophy of happiness "Hygge" reflects this attitude. We celebrate togetherness and find warmth and happiness with family and friends. It doesn’t cost much and yet the time spent together is so valueable! Give yourself and others time!

Happiness is all around us

A friendly smile, a kind gesture or just a few nice words - positive interaction sets free hormones that make you happy. Experiencing the world with all your senses - in water, out in the fields or together with Benny the neighbour’s four-legged friends. Just let it happen!


Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect; it just means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections. Happiness is easier than I thought.