elderly care

Get help if necessary, but remain independent as long as possible.

It is a useful topic not only for those affected, but also for their relatives. When is there no alternative to care and how is it compatible with your own ideas about life?


Drawing strength and satisfaction from yourself and not putting it in the hands of others. Sounds good, but how?

Treat yourself with care and indulgence, try to resist the urge to compare and improve, and be content with all that you are.


The heart is burdened, the soul tired, and feelings of happiness sometimes have a hard time. The reasons are sometimes concrete, sometimes diffuse.

Calmness soothes, helps to sort and to straighten you up. And at some point you prefer company to isolation again.

Summer Food

The heat is bearing down and you're in the mood for light summer fare.

Fresh salads, grilled vegetables, colorful bowls or cold soups as refreshing snacks for hot days.

Senior Fitness

No time for standing still and not a bit rusty - fit in old age and everyday life.

Especially for the generation 60+, fitness plays an important role in preventing diseases and reducing pain.

Relaxing Days

Salt peeling, reflexology or aromatherapy. Treat yourself to a little wellness for body and soul.

Fill up your energy tanks with a visit to the spa and enjoy your wellness time out.


In the studio, in between lunch breaks or outside in the neighbourhood. Often just a few minutes are enough to clear your head and gather new strength.

It takes a little effort, but the feeling of having done something good for yourself is all the better.


Do your body a favour through your diet. Ensure a balanced distribution of nutrients and let yourself be surprised how much variety it brings you.

Choose fresh and high-quality ingredients, don't go without, but make more conscious choices.


About 40 weeks that demand a lot from your body. A mixture of heartburn, pregnancy glow and swollen legs.

You may develop a pronounced nest-building instinct or small panic attacks about what's to come. Let the family adventure begin!


The food supplies are filled, the phone is silent and you are eagerly awaited and so very welcome.

A gentle getting to know each other between feelings of happiness and exhaustion. Reorganising everyday life, finding peace and growing together.


In addition to conventional medicine, people are turning to alternative medicine more and more. From acupuncture, massages right up to mycotherapy, there are now many alternative treatments that are officially recognized and readily available to all patients.


Green, crisp and full of vitamins - leafy lettuce is in season all year round. And they taste best straight from the garden or at least from an organic farm. no cooking needed! Bon appetite!

Citrus Fresh

Citrus fruits brighten our lives and put a spring in our step with an extra portion of vitamin C

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