Bike Tour

With the rental bike on an exploration tour through foreign metropolises or on the road on an extended trip with the most diverse stage destinations.

Pedal steadily and discover new terrain.

Mountain Tour

Climbing on the steep face, camping in the middle of nature or hiking idyllically between pastures and mountain lakes to the summit cross.

Whether beginner or professional, the mountain world has the right tour for everyone.


Eggs, lovely eggs! Especially popular at Easter! Whether colorful chocolate eggs, a filling omelette for lunch, boiled eggs for breakfast or just blowing and painting them with your kids. At Easter there are eggs all around us!

The holidays are over!

Enjoy one last seaside sunset before you pack your bags and head off home. Taking great experiences and lovely memories with you. See you next year!

Bright Prospects

Late spring often gives us a first taste of summer. Already in May temperatures can climb to over 30 degrees. The perfect weather for a relaxing time by the sea, the lake or just sunbathing in the garden!

Life’s a beach!

Glorious summer days, warm sand between your toes, the sea breeze in your hair. The pleasures of beach combing, discovering the treasures washed up after a storm or high tide - nothing beats a day at the seaside.

Souvenirs galore!

We all have fond memories of great holidays, where we went and what we did. Souvenirs take us back to special moments and make them come to life again in vivid detail.

Merhba lil Malta!

This week, we'd like to invite you to a short trip to the lovelly island Malta, where there's always somethng going on. Merhba lil Malta! - Welcom to Malta!

Advent season's plenty

Even bare modern city centers feel cosy now. Offices suddenly resemble Christmas markets and even less talkative colleagues impress with a few verses of a wellknown Christmas tune.

A Christmas Carol

You can't start early enough looking forward to that time of the year; that's why we'd like to put you in the mood with yummy cookies, sparkling tree decorations and beautiful gifts!