Maybe it's the bathroom that's getting on in years and desperately needs freshening up.

Or your dilapidated dream house, which you breathe new life into with a lot of heart and soul and transform into a gem. Now is the right time to put your ideas into practice.

Room with a view

Let your gaze wander without limits. Lose yourself in the wonderful view already in the morning.

Observe the hustle and bustle of the city or the perfection of the landscape.

Christmas Decoration

When it gets uncomfortable outside, it needs a warming atmosphere inside. Lights, wreaths and Christmas trees take center stage.

Whether Scandinavian close to nature, in classic shapes and colors or pompous and overloaded. Christmas is only once a year!

Second Hand

Findings from former times that provide unmistakable accents. Feelings of happiness flow through vintage lovers when they spot a treasure and can no longer take their eyes off it. Antiques meet old-fashioned, change hands and shape new stories and stages of life.

Stylish interior design

Asian style, oriental look, fresh nordic ideas for modern living... Everyone has their own style and ideas. We particularly like modern rooms with a minimalistic look.