Learning new things is not a question of age. It takes patience at the beginning and often it doesn't work straight away or is associated with setbacks.

Don't be in a hurry to throw in the towel, but try again without too much pressure!

Get Out

A new year and everything is unrestricted again. Restaurants, clubs and bars fill up, theatres and museums await their visitors without restrictions.

Some are still sceptical about the changes, for others it brings back long-lost normality.

Autumn Days

Knitted hats, warming drinks and golden sunsets - this is what autumn feels like to you.

Endless walks, jumping into piles of leaves and last breaks in parks - the perfect time to say goodbye to summer in a conciliatory way.

DIY Handmade

Between upcycling and DIY, the list of your projects is endless.

From line art embroidery to binding kokedama to casting terrazzo soap dishes. So the only question is, where do you start?

Spring Time

Nothing keeps you within your four walls. Euphoric and full of zest for action you are drawn outside.

Sunbeams on your face and more possibilities than time to spend the first balmy spring evenings.


Are you one of those people who forget what winter feels like every year? Who bubble over with happiness when the first snow falls and get goosebumps when it crunches under their shoes?

Let me tell you - it's starting again, enjoy it to the fullest!


There are those days full of paralysing boredom. Not an ounce of verve and even less desire to change anything.

So what do you do when the minutes and hours drag on endlessly? You have a choice - endure and wait or change something.

Time Out

Multitasking and efficiency shape our lives in many ways. It is difficult not to regard idleness as a waste of time.

Deceleration is the topic of the day. Set priorities and limits, create space for yourself and try to consciously enjoy boredom.

Second Hand

Findings from former times that provide unmistakable accents. Feelings of happiness flow through vintage lovers when they spot a treasure and can no longer take their eyes off it. Antiques meet old-fashioned, change hands and shape new stories and stages of life.

On the Water

Whether SUP, kitesurfing or sailing around picturesque coastal regions. The possibilities for getting out on the water are almost unlimited, but what they all have in common is the unbroken attraction and a feeling of freedom and relaxation.

Urban Gardening

Start gardening with family, friends or complete strangers. In overgrown urban gardens, on your balcony or on the windowsill. Throw a seed bomb and let's see what happens.

Bright Prospects

Late spring often gives us a first taste of summer. Already in May temperatures can climb to over 30 degrees. The perfect weather for a relaxing time by the sea, the lake or just sunbathing in the garden!


The stress of leisure and other recreation. this week turns here everything around the subject hobby.