Learning new things is not a question of age. It takes patience at the beginning and often it doesn't work straight away or is associated with setbacks.

Don't be in a hurry to throw in the towel, but try again without too much pressure!

Trash Xmas

How about a Christmas away from classic customs and traditions this year?

Perhaps a little less contemplative, but all the more flashy and extravagant.


Do your body a favour through your diet. Ensure a balanced distribution of nutrients and let yourself be surprised how much variety it brings you.

Choose fresh and high-quality ingredients, don't go without, but make more conscious choices.

celebrate a party

The guest list is clear. A small circle surrounds you and you realise that it doesn't need much more.

With understanding and attention we ring in the turn of the year and look forward with confidence to the new year 2022!

Question of style

Self-confident through life, unimpressed by the looks of others. Inner life and outer appearance are in harmony.

For some no difficulty, for many a long process to feel comfortable in their own skin and clothes.

Second Hand

Findings from former times that provide unmistakable accents. Feelings of happiness flow through vintage lovers when they spot a treasure and can no longer take their eyes off it. Antiques meet old-fashioned, change hands and shape new stories and stages of life.

Summer Feelings

Bare feet in the sand, outdoor cinema with popcorn, colourful meadow flowers or evenings with your friends under the stars.

Sometimes it doesn't take much for the perfect summer feeling.


The Danish art of mindfulness has been around for a while now. Numerous books and magazines are doing their very best to show us to be happy. Here we dedicate this gallery to this lifestyle meme.


We do not even want to try to translate HYGGE - because so many has already tried. Just get yourself into a hygge mood with our inspirational gallery.

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