Time with you was always very special. We learned to ride a bike, went fishing for the first time, picked apples and baked cakes from them.

Boredom did not arise and every evening new adventures were planned.

Say Yes

Planned from long hand and in detail or spontaneous and minimalistic for the impatient. Anticipation and tension are in the air.

With this day you create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Just say YES!

Hold Me

Give me safety and protection. Let's pause for a moment and calm down.

Whether I am restless or downcast, in Your arms I feel carefree. Can grasp clear thoughts and new courage.

Me & my animal

They are allies in every situation, real family members and loyal companions. Whether loners or in a group, they bring structure to everyday life and give us support.

From extravagantly dazzling to stubborn and prickly or hyperactive. They often resemble us more than we think!


About 40 weeks that demand a lot from your body. A mixture of heartburn, pregnancy glow and swollen legs.

You may develop a pronounced nest-building instinct or small panic attacks about what's to come. Let the family adventure begin!


The food supplies are filled, the phone is silent and you are eagerly awaited and so very welcome.

A gentle getting to know each other between feelings of happiness and exhaustion. Reorganising everyday life, finding peace and growing together.


Closeness requires trust and takes away your protective shield. You have to find the strength to allow it. It will not always end well, but when it does, it will overwhelm you.

Simply Love

Because the heart alone decides for whom it beats faster. Amorous diversity beyond the classic role models and discriminatory norms. Love who you want!

Old Love

When decades connect us, there are ups and downs behind us and our children become parents, then one thing is clear: With you by my side I can become anything - even old.

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