Natural Colors

With its very own color palette, autumn enchants you every year.

Fog rising from meadows and shades of gold and red that transform the landscape into romantic works of art.

Autumn Days

Knitted hats, warming drinks and golden sunsets - this is what autumn feels like to you.

Endless walks, jumping into piles of leaves and last breaks in parks - the perfect time to say goodbye to summer in a conciliatory way.


The heart is burdened, the soul tired, and feelings of happiness sometimes have a hard time. The reasons are sometimes concrete, sometimes diffuse.

Calmness soothes, helps to sort and to straighten you up. And at some point you prefer company to isolation again.


The long days are behind us and darkness sets in early. Delicate glimmers of light envelop us and lantern light falls on leaf-covered streets.

Autumn is now inexorably pushing aside the last moments of late summer.


With your help, I am less likely to lose heart, to face challenges big and small, and to rise above myself.

There are things that are better done together. Whether in everyday life or in acute situations. Support is once again the topic of our time.

Hold Me

Give me safety and protection. Let's pause for a moment and calm down.

Whether I am restless or downcast, in Your arms I feel carefree. Can grasp clear thoughts and new courage.


It is said to have positive effects on health - not without reason there are laughter therapies and clinic clowns.

It is good for the soul, makes you feel light and, by the way, it conjures up the most beautiful wrinkles of all.


You smell the cold, see your breath and everything is covered by a glittering icy layer. The last blossoms lower their heads, supplies are laid out and hidden.

As if in Sleeping Beauty sleep, flora and fauna show their soothingly beautiful side.

My Forest

For us, it is an excursion destination and a refuge far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For a multitude of other creatures, it is their only living space.

About 6,000 different animals live in our native forests. We share it, we are visitors and we should treat it with care.

Autumn Food

Inevitably, the golden season arrives. Hurray for the rich selection of seasonal ingredients it brings.

Whether sweet or savoury, refined or classic. How about a pumpkin and apple chutney, a pear tart with walnuts or chanterelle risotto?!


Inattention creeps in. Your priorities have shifted and the distance between the two of you grows a little more with each passing day.

Routine has taken over and you may have noticed it too late.

Simply Love

Because the heart alone decides for whom it beats faster. Amorous diversity beyond the classic role models and discriminatory norms. Love who you want!

Old Love

When decades connect us, there are ups and downs behind us and our children become parents, then one thing is clear: With you by my side I can become anything - even old.


Despite all the adversities and conditions that life currently demands, we should look ahead. We have achieved a lot in 2020 and are starting a new year with confidence.

Winter Color

Samba, Mandarin Red, Strong Blue or Celery are not songs or fruits. It is the worlds of bright color that make us dance fashionably through the upcoming winter days.