Winter Fur

So far, winter has shown its gentle side. But when it sets in, whether fur or feathers, it should be cosy and warm.

For some, it's great fun in the snow, for others it's the right time to save energy and long for spring.

Natural Colors

With its very own color palette, autumn enchants you every year.

Fog rising from meadows and shades of gold and red that transform the landscape into romantic works of art.

Spring Time

Nothing keeps you within your four walls. Euphoric and full of zest for action you are drawn outside.

Sunbeams on your face and more possibilities than time to spend the first balmy spring evenings.

Winter Wonderland

Snow-covered forests and meadows, roofs and streets. City and countryside radiate a harmonious calm.

The white splendour has an effect on us like an intense light therapy. An idyllic silencer that swallows up the noise around us.


You smell the cold, see your breath and everything is covered by a glittering icy layer. The last blossoms lower their heads, supplies are laid out and hidden.

As if in Sleeping Beauty sleep, flora and fauna show their soothingly beautiful side.

Allotment Gardens

City life, noisy balconies, too little space to grow your own vegetables and flowers. So what’s the answer? Have an allotment garden! More and more city dwellers are choosing to rent their own green patch where they can escape from everyday hustle and bustle.


A world of plants that seems oblivious to the changing seasons. Rainforests, hedges, grass and moss are all green the whole year round. Green is the colour of tranquility and inner calm.

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