Dance with me

Whether tight dance or solo performance - dancing is passion and increases joie de vivre.

Our cortisol levels drop, stress evaporates and a cocktail of happy hormones is released. The best recipe for the onset of autumn blues!

Time Out

Multitasking and efficiency shape our lives in many ways. It is difficult not to regard idleness as a waste of time.

Deceleration is the topic of the day. Set priorities and limits, create space for yourself and try to consciously enjoy boredom.


Closeness requires trust and takes away your protective shield. You have to find the strength to allow it. It will not always end well, but when it does, it will overwhelm you.


Inattention creeps in. Your priorities have shifted and the distance between the two of you grows a little more with each passing day.

Routine has taken over and you may have noticed it too late.

Simply Love

Because the heart alone decides for whom it beats faster. Amorous diversity beyond the classic role models and discriminatory norms. Love who you want!

Breakfast Continental

After getting up first leisurely breakfast with fruit salad, cereal, macchiato, jam, croissant and butter, orange juice and egg. And then regional ham and cheese. Full continental, right?

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