With enough adrenaline, courage doesn't feel like a risk. Not even when it is accompanied by unreasonableness and there is little to back it up.

Courage means overcoming yourself, correctly assessing the risk and recognizing it as a challenge. Be courageous!

Autumn Days

Knitted hats, warming drinks and golden sunsets - this is what autumn feels like to you.

Endless walks, jumping into piles of leaves and last breaks in parks - the perfect time to say goodbye to summer in a conciliatory way.


Time with you was always very special. We learned to ride a bike, went fishing for the first time, picked apples and baked cakes from them.

Boredom did not arise and every evening new adventures were planned.

Say Yes

Planned from long hand and in detail or spontaneous and minimalistic for the impatient. Anticipation and tension are in the air.

With this day you create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Just say YES!

Relaxing Days

Salt peeling, reflexology or aromatherapy. Treat yourself to a little wellness for body and soul.

Fill up your energy tanks with a visit to the spa and enjoy your wellness time out.

Spring Time

Nothing keeps you within your four walls. Euphoric and full of zest for action you are drawn outside.

Sunbeams on your face and more possibilities than time to spend the first balmy spring evenings.

hide and seek

Go underground and disappear unnoticed for a while. Merging with the surroundings, not making oneself known.

The excitement of being discovered is accompanied by thieving joy at the obviously brilliant hiding place. A thrill for which one is never too old.


With your help, I am less likely to lose heart, to face challenges big and small, and to rise above myself.

There are things that are better done together. Whether in everyday life or in acute situations. Support is once again the topic of our time.


Are you one of those people who forget what winter feels like every year? Who bubble over with happiness when the first snow falls and get goosebumps when it crunches under their shoes?

Let me tell you - it's starting again, enjoy it to the fullest!


There are those days full of paralysing boredom. Not an ounce of verve and even less desire to change anything.

So what do you do when the minutes and hours drag on endlessly? You have a choice - endure and wait or change something.

Question of style

Self-confident through life, unimpressed by the looks of others. Inner life and outer appearance are in harmony.

For some no difficulty, for many a long process to feel comfortable in their own skin and clothes.

Dance with me

Whether tight dance or solo performance - dancing is passion and increases joie de vivre.

Our cortisol levels drop, stress evaporates and a cocktail of happy hormones is released. The best recipe for the onset of autumn blues!

Time Out

Multitasking and efficiency shape our lives in many ways. It is difficult not to regard idleness as a waste of time.

Deceleration is the topic of the day. Set priorities and limits, create space for yourself and try to consciously enjoy boredom.


Closeness requires trust and takes away your protective shield. You have to find the strength to allow it. It will not always end well, but when it does, it will overwhelm you.


Inattention creeps in. Your priorities have shifted and the distance between the two of you grows a little more with each passing day.

Routine has taken over and you may have noticed it too late.

Simply Love

Because the heart alone decides for whom it beats faster. Amorous diversity beyond the classic role models and discriminatory norms. Love who you want!

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