Spring Cleaning

When nature shows itself in its new splendor outside, it's also time to tidy up your own four walls.

At the top of the list are sparkling clean windows, overdue mucking out and finally tackling the neglected corners.

May Time

Not quite summer yet, but not spring anymore either. The days are getting noticeably longer and the evenings milder.

All long-awaited outdoor plans are coming within reach and the anticipation of the coming season is increasing day by day.

Spring Time

Nothing keeps you within your four walls. Euphoric and full of zest for action you are drawn outside.

Sunbeams on your face and more possibilities than time to spend the first balmy spring evenings.


The temperatures are increasing, the birds are starting to twitter and our energy levels are on the rise. Winter is giving way to the new season. Time to take more exercise and tap into this new energy!


With less sun we all lack vitamin D in the winter time. But as the days get longer, winter fatigue and blues and frequent colds will soon be a thing of the past. So, open the doors and windows and enjoy the fresh air!

Finally outside again

Kicking off the BBQ-season and beeing finally outside. Summer is coming and the days are getting longer. Get your sausages sizzling and tread yourself to your favorite summertime drink – celebrate springtime!

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