A day at the sea

This year, many people will not be able to spend their summer holidays by the sea. Until the next rush of the waves we reminisce about the last day at the sea.

A day at the lake

Pedal boat riding, picnic on the shore, bathing fun in the cold water. A trip to the lake is always worthwhile in summer and offers many possibilities.

Bright Prospects

Late spring often gives us a first taste of summer. Already in May temperatures can climb to over 30 degrees. The perfect weather for a relaxing time by the sea, the lake or just sunbathing in the garden!


Take a deep dive into the beautiful detail shown in this gallery. Humming bees, melting ice cream and splashing water. Our feet crave flipflop freedom and our skin wants to feel the summer breeze. This is our season!

Festival goers

Summertime, fun, friends and great music! Long hot days are just right for spending time at festivals. Enjoy the carefree atmosphere these midsummer events provide.

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