Winter Fur

So far, winter has shown its gentle side. But when it sets in, whether fur or feathers, it should be cosy and warm.

For some, it's great fun in the snow, for others it's the right time to save energy and long for spring.

Cosy Days

Icy wind follows constant rain and slush. Damp cold that creeps through all layers to the skin.

Nowhere would you be better off than under a mountain of cosy woollen blankets in front of a warming fire.

Christmas season

Flickering candlelight and the smell of gingerbread and fir. A bit of decoration and, with a bit of luck, even snow.

This year, let's sit back, escape the pre-Christmas stress and relax and enjoy!

Winter Wonderland

Snow-covered forests and meadows, roofs and streets. City and countryside radiate a harmonious calm.

The white splendour has an effect on us like an intense light therapy. An idyllic silencer that swallows up the noise around us.

Ski Pleasure

On the way on ski tours or conquer the summit with the gondola. From here down into the valley through deep snow, on groomed pistes or romantic pulling paths.

Surrounded by glistening slopes and snow-covered fir peaks, amidst a backdrop that you can only find high up in the mountains.


You smell the cold, see your breath and everything is covered by a glittering icy layer. The last blossoms lower their heads, supplies are laid out and hidden.

As if in Sleeping Beauty sleep, flora and fauna show their soothingly beautiful side.


Are you one of those people who forget what winter feels like every year? Who bubble over with happiness when the first snow falls and get goosebumps when it crunches under their shoes?

Let me tell you - it's starting again, enjoy it to the fullest!

Winter Fashion

The winter time challenges us again in terms of clothing and warmth. Great woolen combinations of hat, scarf and thick knitted sweaters can be combined with a hot cup of tea and a snow-covered view through the window.

Winter Color

Samba, Mandarin Red, Strong Blue or Celery are not songs or fruits. It is the worlds of bright color that make us dance fashionably through the upcoming winter days.


It’s that time of the year again. Red and white bobble hats everywhere, adorning a huge variety of different peoples heads. Get into the Christmas mood and enjoy these seasonal images.


Keep those ears nice and toasty. Bobble hats, hoodies or beanies - if the cap fits, wear it! There are so many styles and colours to choose from. So top off your outfit for a brighter, more cheerful winter.

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