Our licensing models – royalty-free, rights-managed images and use on social media

Below you can find an overview of our licenses. The licensing model is already determined in advance for all of the images.

Royalty Free Images(RF)

  • Purchasing a royalty-free image entitles you to use it as you like, without limitations, and multiple times.
  • The licensing fee is not dependent on the use of the image.
  • No exclusive use is possible.
  • It is not possible to transfer the usage right acquired in this manner.
RF images are of benefit if they, for instance, are to be used for large circulations and across different media. What’s more, no additional costs are incurred for any subsequent licenses if the licensee would like to use the image again or for a different purpose. In short, an RF image has a one-off cost and is then available for you to use without royalty fees. However, it is also possible to license many of our RF images for a single editorial use at a special price.
Every image license is issued to a specific licensee for each individual image. You name this licensee when you make your purchase. If no licensee is named, this license will be issued to you. An RF license cannot be transferred to third parties.
As an advertising agency, for instance, you can use an image for multiple clients to create print products. You can pass on the finished products to clients without having to pay additional licensing fees for this. However, the image must remain with you and may not be passed on to the clients on its own. You can, however, also license an image for an end client. This client is then the licensee and may use the image accordingly.
If an image is intended to be depicted on purchased products such as mugs, T-shirts, posters, etc., without an advertising slogan, special agreement is necessary. Licensing for sensitive topics, such as tobacco or alcohol advertising, party promotion, advertising for medical products, or information campaigns about illnesses, may need to be discussed, depending on the respective model release. When purchasing images from this licensing model, you usually receive a license without temporal or spatial limitations. You do not need to state the type of use and you do not incur any further charges in the event of repeated use.
The use of RF images in a large company or a corporate group is usually restricted to 10 employees. This means that a maximum of 10 employees from the licensee’s company can work with the image. The precise number depends on each image and is listed in the EULA (end user license agreement), which you can find in the image detail view. If you have more employees, or want to save the image in an internal database, you should purchase a multi-user or company license.


Rights Managed Images (RM)

  • An RM license entitles one-time use on the basis of a defined purpose.
  • The license fee depends on the purpose of use.
  • By arrangement, fine data can be requested from RM images as layout data.
  • We store a usage history for RM motifs.
If the purpose of use for an image is set in advance, it can be sensible and more cost-effective to purchase an RM image. This is generally the case for short-term and editorial use. The intended medium, the circulation or duration, the placement and image size are crucial here. However, an RM image can also be the first choice for promotional use. For instance, exclusive licensing is only possible for images with an RM license. You can arrange a package price with us for numerous RM images or foreseeable subsequent licensing. As a usage history is always stored for RM images, we can say at any time when, where and in what industry an image has already been used.
If usage restrictions exist for certain images, these can be seen in the image detail view by users who are logged in.


Social media as a special case