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The photographs and illustrations found in our stock of images were produced by creative experts, selected by image editors with a keen sense of style, and assigned keywords in German and English by eloquent keyworders. Our programmers keep our system running, manage millions of individual images, series and collections, and constantly invent new, innovative functions in the frontend and backend to make your image searches easier. If you are nevertheless unable to find what you want, our team will help you with your search free of charge and with the utmost efficiency. We are only too happy to help you personally during our business hours. If you write us an e-mail, you will receive a response as quickly as possible.


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  • Budget-oriented search - we base everything on your budget and search for the most affordable images or CD collections and licenses for you. We also draw up package prices for you for large quantities of images and take into consideration any subsequent licenses for any as yet uncertain future re-use.
  • Style-oriented searches - you specify a certain style, color mood, image format or other criteria that affects the picture language and we will suggest a suitable image world.
  • Creative search – we help you in your search, even if you have not yet found the right picture language.
  • Keywords - you are lacking the right words for an efficient and successful image search. Make the most of our experience in handling suitable search terms and keyword combinations to reach your desired goal more quickly.